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Justine Andrade 先生のプロフィール

Justine Andrade 先生
  • 出身国:フィリピン
  • 居住国:フィリピン
講師名Justine Andrade 先生
対応言語Standard English
レッスン発音(Pronunciation), 文法(Grammar), 資格(Qualification), ビジネス(Business), フリートーク(Free Talk), 子供向け(Kids), 語彙(Vocabulary)
自己紹介Hi there! My name is Tutor Justine. I have completed my Bachelors Degree in Political Science and I also have my Master's Degree in Public Administration. I have my teaching experiences in both virtual and classroom set-up for three (3) years. I have my dedication and passion in teaching English language to all learners who are willing to improve and their English Communication Skills. In line thereof, I am very excited and happy to help you in turning your dreams into reality and that starts in learning English language here in Weblio Eikaiwa. See you there!

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