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Pauline Adrianne Granada 先生のプロフィール

Pauline Adrianne Granada 先生
  • 出身国:フィリピン
  • 居住国:フィリピン
講師名Pauline Adrianne Granada 先生
対応言語Standard English
自己紹介Hello! My name is Teacher Pauline from Weblio Eikaiwa. I've been teaching English for quite some time now. It gives me joy and excitement meeting learners around the world. I am here to develop your English skills, both written and oral, guaranteed that I will be of great assistance. I can understand the difficulties that most ESL learners are facing. I would love to share my creative ideas and experiences to help you develop your abilities and enjoy your learning journey. Let's practice what you already know and add something new each day. I work with enthusiasm and positivity so expect our class to be as lively as possible. We can even be friends. I hope to see you in my class!

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