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Russel 先生のプロフィール

Russel 先生
  • 出身国:フィリピン
  • 居住国:フィリピン
講師名Russel 先生
対応言語Standard English, Japanese (Basic)
レッスン発音(Pronunciation), 文法(Grammar), 資格(Qualification), ビジネス(Business), 観光(Sightseeing), フリートーク(Free Talk), 子供向け(Kids), 留学(Studying Abroad), TOEIC(TOEIC), 語彙(Vocabulary)
自己紹介Good day! I am Teacher Russel from Weblio Eikaiwa! I am an English teacher for 2 years, both online and offline. I love teaching students like you. I like English books and I am fond of making poetry. English used to be my blue funk, especially in a class presentation. However, I believe in the sayings that, "Practice makes perfect." Ergo, I devote myself to practice and with perseverance, it has become my strength and robustness. I'd be more than ecstatic to help you achieve fluency in English in the easiest way possible.
経歴・資格Graduate with a Bachelor's degree major in English with flying colours.

Taught the English language online and offline to different age bracket.

Focuses on Improving students' grammar, listening, writing, speaking, and communicating skills.

Excellent time management.

Study skills expert.

Professional Tutor.

Calm under pressure.

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