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Eric Pablo 先生のプロフィール

Eric Pablo 先生
  • 出身国:フィリピン
  • 居住国:フィリピン
講師名Eric Pablo 先生
対応言語Standard English
レッスン発音(Pronunciation), 文法(Grammar), 資格(Qualification), ビジネス(Business), 観光(Sightseeing), フリートーク(Free Talk), 子供向け(Kids), 留学(Studying Abroad), 語彙(Vocabulary)
自己紹介Hello! I am Eric. I am very much excited to teach you English. I will help you improve your grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary so that you can become a better and more efficient English communicator. I am able to adjust my teaching pace and techniques to match the student's level so that learning can be maximized during lessons. I have a broad range of knowledge and interests and can assist you in improving your communications skills across a multitude of topics. Some of these topics include sports, art, history, science, pop culture, and many others. Let us have a fun, efficient ,and engaging time in improving your English communication skills.
経歴・資格I graduated in 2015 with a degree in Economics. Additionally, I completed a pilot training course in the USA and was granted an ICAO English Language Proficiency level 6. Some of my work related experiences include being a financial analyst and a first officer. My education and work experience granted me knowledge on a multitude of topics that can allow me to better improve my students' English communication skills.

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