Beginner Business Conversation: Setting Priorities


Let’s read the dialogue. I will be Mr. Wilson and you will be Mr. Newton. After reading it once, we’ll switch roles.

会話文を読みましょう。講師がMr. Wilson、あなたはMr. Newtonのパートを読みます。読み終わったら交代しましょう。


One Tuesday morning, Mr. Wilson and Mr. Newton are talking on which to prioritize on their work.

We only have two weeks left to finish your marketing research. Since I’m already helping you with it, we’ll be able to finish it this Friday. However, I also have other tasks to finish. If I concentrated on finishing them, we won’t be able to finish your research on time.
I agree. How about we prioritize my research in the morning and in the afternoon, we concentrate in doing our own tasks? That way, it will be easier for us to help each other since we’re on the same page. What do you think?

Hmm… I think it will work, but, shouldn’t you also prioritize in doing the presentation of our monthly sales goals? You’re going to present it tomorrow on our meeting and Ms. Carter will be there. I would like to help you but I already have lots of things to do.
Oh, right. I almost forgot the presentation. Don’t worry, I will finish it today. Ms. Watson agreed to help me.

That’s good to know. So, is everything good now? Do you think we can finish all our tasks on time?

I believe so. We just have to prioritize my research in the morning until it’s finished and then we can do our own tasks in the afternoon. We can do this!

Let’s read the meaning and examples of each word aloud. Please repeat after me.
1. Word:
prioritize (verb:動詞)
to decide which goals/tasks are the most important to do first

She must prioritize her research first since she will report it tomorrow.

concentrate (verb:)
to give all your attention/focus in doing task/s

Mr. Newton must concentrate in finishing his research in less than a week.

3. Word:
on the same page (idiom):熟語
two or more people are thinking, doing and understand the same thing

Mr. Newton is on the same page with Ms. Watson in doing a business presentation.


Let’s talk. Please answer my questions. You may ask me questions, too.


1. What do you prioritize the most in your life? Why?
Answer: ________________
2. What do you prioritize the least? Why?
Answer: ________________
3. Whenever you prioritize, do you write it down or do you just simply memorize it?
Answer: ________________
4. Do you think it’s important to set priorities? Yes or no?
Answer: ________________
5. What do you feel whenever you achieved the thing/s you prioritize?
Answer: ________________
6. How many tasks/goals you think you can prioritize?
Answer: ________________
7. Can you concentrate well at work/school? Why or why not?
Answer: ________________
8. Do you often finish your tasks at work/school on time? Yes or no?
Answer: ________________
9. Were you able to finish doing the things you prioritize at work/school? Why or why not?
Answer: ________________
10. Do you think we can all live happily without setting and having priorities? Why or why not?
Answer: ________________