Beginner Business Conversation: Team Meetings


Let’s read the dialogue. I will be Mr. Evans and you will be Ms. Watson. After reading it once, we’ll switch roles.

会話文を読みましょう。講師がMr. Evans、あなたはMs. Watsonのパートを読みます。読み終わったら交代しましょう。

The new Corporate Marketing Manager, Mr. Evans, calls for his first meeting with the Marketing Department.

Good morning everyone. It is an honor for me to be here today as your new Corporate Marketing Manager. Rest assured that our tasks will be satisfying and pleasant. Ms. Watson, please take note of the minutes of our meeting. By the way, has anyone seen Mr. Newton?
About Mr. Newton, I just received a call from him an hour ago. He told me that he will be absent today due to personal reasons.

Noted on that. Well then, let us begin our meeting. First of all, we will be having a weekly report meeting to keep us on the ball. Second, Ms. Carter has allowed us to have free lunch twice a month. Third, I will have a one-on-one meeting with each staff to know all of you better and to promote teamwork and understanding towards our goal.
That is a good idea, Mr. Evans, especially now that PharmaCare is growing. In addition to that, I would like to present the updates of our latest product on our next week’s meeting. About the one-on-one meeting, would you like me to include in the minutes of meeting the number of staff you can meet per day?

Certainly. Please include in the minutes that I will be meeting three to four staff per day. Well then, it looks like we are done for today. Our meeting is finished. It was a great pleasure meeting you all. Thank you, everyone.

Thank you, Mr. Evans. We will just give you a follow-up of our tasks by the end of the day.

Let’s read the meaning and examples of each word aloud. Please repeat after me.
1. Word:
on the ball (idiom:熟語)
to stay alert/informed and to understand quickly

Ms. Watson is on the ball during their business meeting.

promote (verb:動詞)
to improve and do something better

As the new leader of their company, he wants to promote better sales and communication skills.

3. Word:
minutes of a meeting (noun:名詞)
a written document about the happenings during a meeting

Ms. Carter asked Mr. Wilson to write down the minutes of their meeting.


Let’s talk. Please answer my questions. You may ask me questions, too.


1. Do you enjoy meeting new people? Why or why not?
Answer: ________________
2. Have you been in a meeting? How did it go?
Answer: ________________
3. Do you prefer to lead the meeting or be the one to take down notes (minutes of a meeting)?
Answer: ________________
4. Why do you think team meetings are important?
Answer: ________________
5. What is the most memorable meeting you attended?
Answer: ________________
6. How often do you and your workmates/classmates speak English in meetings?
Answer: ________________
7. In every meeting you have attended, how long does it usually last?
Answer: ________________
8. Do you feel shy/nervous whenever you lead a meeting? Yes or no?
Answer: ________________
9. If you could have a meeting with some of the most famous people in the world, who would they be and what would you like to talk about with them?
Answer: ________________
10. Do you consider yourself a good listener in meetings?
Answer: ________________