1 Business Phone – Leaving a message

便利な表現(Useful Expressions)
Read aloud the vocabulary words.
inclusive (adj.)
phone (v.)
boost (v.)
enroll (v.)
lump sum (n.)
便利な表現(Useful Expressions)
Read aloud and complete the sentences.
1. I was waiting for him the whole day. Then he ______ me just as I was about to go to bed.
2. The new TV ad is expected to _____ the company sales.
3. The travel ticket is _______ of meals.
4. Bob decided to pay the ________ price of the appliances instead of paying them monthly.
5. He is planning to _____ in a music school this year.
Read the whole dialogue with your tutor.
Fill in the blanks with the words you just learned.
Tutor: Hello! My name is Mary Smith. I’m calling to inquire about your intensive Business English program. If there’s still a slot for me in your weeknight classes, please call me at 523-1111, or email me at msmith@hotpotato.com. You can (1) _________ me from 7pm to 10pm. Have a great day!
Student: May I speak with Ms. Mary Smith? This is Marvin from ABC Language school. We’ve received your inquiry. Our intensive Business English program helps our clients (2)_______ their communication skills in business. You’re lucky because you can still (3) _______ in our weeknight classes.
Tutor: Good to hear that. I hope it’s not that expensive. May I know the registration requirements?
Student: Our Business English program is $350, which is (4) ________ of all lesson materials. Fill out the online application form and follow the steps indicated in our website, then deposit the tuition fee to our bank account. Lastly, send us a scanned copy of the deposit slip and wait for the confirmation email.
Tutor: Should I pay in (5) _________, or do you allow installments?
Student: You may pay in installments, but there’s a 30% down payment to secure your slot.
Tutor: I actually learned about your language school from my friend, Yuki Iwate. If from a referral, do you happen to grant a discount?
Student: Yes, we do. We can give you 5% discount after having Mr. Iwater sign this form.

Tutor: Sure, thanks.
Student: Please don’t hesitate to contact us again if you have other concerns. Enjoy your day!
聞き取り問題(Listening Comprehension)
Listen to your tutor as he/she reads a passage twice.
Then, answer your tutor’s question.
According to the passage, how do we leave a message?
聞き取り問題(Listening Comprehension)
Text read out by the tutor
Read the following text aloud. Then, answer your tutor’s question.
You are calling your business partner to give necessary updates about an ongoing agreement. He is not in the office when you called, and his secretary informed you that he’ll be back later in the afternoon. You could not wait for him until that time since you have a meeting with a potential client. You want to inform your business partner that the agreement should be finalized before February as the new system he is offering will undergo a set of tests before its full implementation in June.
How do you deal with the situation?