1 Meeting – Setting an Agenda

Words and Phrases
Study the following words and expressions together with their definitions with your tutor.
Then, construct your own sentences using each word/expression on the list.
a list or outline of things to be done or considered
Sample Sentence:
the official notes kept during a meeting
Sample Sentence:
to resolve a problem
Sample Sentence:
go over
to check something in a careful or detailed way
Sample Sentence:
end up
turn out to be
Sample Sentence:
Data Interpretation
Listen to your tutor as he/she reads the text.
Study and interpret the given data. Then, discuss with your tutor.
In the upcoming interdepartmental meeting, you’re assigned to explain the 2016 Sales Report of Smartphone Units.
• introduce the general idea
• enumerate main points
• make a conclusion
Read the passage below silently. Then, discuss with your tutor.
In your discussion, talk about how you would deal with the situation.
Read the passage below silently.
As a conclusion of the recent meeting with department heads, you need to relay the information about the 2016 Sales Report of Smartphone Units to your team, and come up with an action plan for this year’s marketing and advertising plan. The decrease in sales in smartphone units in the 3rd quarter was due to the problem with the production around July. It resulted in the delay in product release.
Sample Answer
Expressing Opinions
Read the text silently. Express your opinion on each statement in 4-5 sentences.
I’d rather head the meeting than write the minutes.
Setting an agenda is the most important part of a meeting.
Long meetings are productive.