10 Business Phone – Reserving an item

便利な表現(Useful Expressions)
Read aloud the vocabulary words.
discount (n.)
inquire (v.)
down payment (n.)
reserve (v.)
purchase (v.)
便利な表現(Useful Expressions)
Read aloud and complete the sentences.
1. I would like to _________ about your services.
2. Can we get a _________ if we buy more than 5 units?
3. We need to _________ some office supplies tomorrow.
4. Please _________ a seat for me.
5. I need to give the _________ for the orders this afternoon.
Read the whole dialogue with your tutor.
Fill in the blanks with the words you just learned.
Tutor: Vision Technology Inc., Brian speaking. How can I help you?
Student: Hello, I would like to (1) _________ about Epson WF-2630 printer.
Tutor: Certainly, Sir. Can I get your name and contact information, please?
Student: Sure, my name is Carl Brown, from Ace Industries Inc. Our office number is 893-5986.
Tutor: Thank you, Sir. Yes, that model is available for $59.99 each.
Student: Great! Is there any chance that we get a (2) _________?
Tutor: Yes, Sir. You can get 10% discount if you (3) _________ more than 5 units.
Student: That’s nice! Can you please (4) _________ 6 units for us? We would like to pick up the items tomorrow afternoon.
Tutor: Of course, Sir. You just have to pay 50% (5) _________ so we can reserve the items.
Student: Thank you, Brian. We’ll be there at 2 in the afternoon.
聞き取り問題(Listening Comprehension)
Listen to your tutor as he/she reads a passage twice.
Then, answer your tutor’s question.
According to the passage, how can you be sure of the quality of the product you want to purchase online?
聞き取り問題(Listening Comprehension)
Text read out by the tutor
Read the following text aloud. Then, answer your tutor’s question.
You received a call from a company that wants to reserve 20 units of your product, but they are not willing to give a downpayment. You know that you cannot reserve the items without the downpayment. You also know that they can be your biggest client so far. What will you do?
How do you deal with the situation?