12 Negotiation – Negotiating arrangements

Words and Phrases
Study the following words and expressions together with their definitions with your tutor.
Then, construct your own sentences using each word/expression on the list.
cave in
to agree into something that someone previously did not want to accept

Sample Sentence:
an advantageous agreement between groups
Sample Sentence:
goods; products
Sample Sentence:
deal points
things/points that are important in order to close transactions
Sample Sentence:
trading points
things/points that are not important but can be used in exchange with deal points
Sample Sentence:
Data Interpretation
Listen to your tutor as he/she reads the text.
Study and interpret the given data. Then, discuss with your tutor.
For the upcoming 2018 Entrepreneurial Conference, you’re assigned to discuss the assessment report of exportation commodities.
• introduce the general idea
• enumerate main points
• make a conclusion
Read the passage below silently. Then, discuss with your tutor.
In your discussion, talk about how you would deal with the situation.
Read the passage below silently.
As a conclusion of the recent conference with your shareholders, you need to win the negotiation about the 2018 assessment report of export commodities to your clients, renew the contracts and come up with a new game plan. The decrease in assessment of Pharmaceutical export commodities was caused by border control with the customs. It resulted in the delay of goods before it even entered the market.
Sample Answer
Expressing Opinions
Read the text silently. Express your opinion on each statement in 4-5 sentences.
The goal in negotiation is to get the best deal.
To close a transaction, one must know how to bargain.
An excellent negotiator is decisive.