14 Negotiation – Restarting talks

Words and Phrases
Study the following words and expressions together with their definitions with your tutor.
Then, construct your own sentences using each word/expression on the list.
call off
to cancel
Sample Sentence:
think through
to consider carefully andthoroughly
Sample Sentence:
joint venture
a business arrangement in which two or more parties agree to pool their resources for the purpose of accomplishing a specific task
Sample Sentence:
to become joined or united
Sample Sentence:
to infuse slowly or gradually into the mind
Sample Sentence:
Data Interpretation
Listen to your tutor as he/she reads the text.
Study and interpret the given data. Then, discuss with your tutor.
You and your college friend established two different shops. You proposed to do a joint venture, he agreed at first, but called it off. After five months, you are to present the same proposal to your friend once again. Think of an effective reason why you’re restarting a negotiation about merging your business.

• introduce the general idea
• enumerate main points
• make a conclusion
Read the passage below silently. Then, discuss with your tutor.
In your discussion, talk about how you would deal with the situation.
Read the passage below silently.
You finally convinced your friend to agree on the joint venture. You both decided to rent a better location for your new business. He mentioned that he already has a target location, but the owner rejected your friend’s proposal when he went there to negotiate. You actually became interested in the location too, but the owner was firm that she’s no longer interested after the previous tenant sullied her place.
Sample Answer
Expressing Opinions
Read the text silently. Express your opinion on each statement in 4-5 sentences.
Joint ventures are beneficial, but risky.
Diplomacy is one perfect tool you should use when talking to business partners and clients.
Never compromise on communication when negotiating.