17 Business Interaction – Explaining a Report

便利な表現(Useful Expressions)
Read aloud the vocabulary words.
milestone ( n.)
conclude ( v. )
qualifiers ( n.)
bid ( n.)
fiasco ( n.)
便利な表現(Useful Expressions)
Read aloud and complete the sentences.
1. It seems to me that this _________ will ruin our reputation.
2. The confirmation of _________ shall be submitted today.
3. Do you have the list of _________ for the final interview?
4. This _________ the discussion on the new production procedures.
5. This development is a _________ in the business process.
Read the whole dialogue with your tutor.
Fill in the blanks with the words you just learned.
Tutor: Good morning. Thank you for coming on time. Let’s get started.
Student: Alright sir, can I draw your attention to item 1—our main agenda—presentation of bid.
Tutor: It seems to me that we’ll experience a (1)________ with this. They haven’t confirmed our request yet, right?
Student: I apologize for the delayed confirmation of the (2)________ But the (3)________ assured to outbring all the orders within this month.

Tutor: I see. They are the same production teams from the 2016 Olympics, right? And it’s a huge success.
Student: Yes, and they’ve just requested small changes on production period.
Tutor: That’s just fine. We can adjust for that one, we don’t need to spend too much time on this, but I need assurance.
Student: I’ll take note of that, sir. So, that (4)________ my report for the bid. Any further adjustments, sir?
Tutor: I want to thank you and your team for your hardwork. I really appreciate it.
Student: Our pleasure, we’re glad to be part of this new (5)________.
聞き取り問題(Listening Comprehension)
Listen to your tutor as he/she reads a passage twice.
Then, answer your tutor’s question.
According to the passage, what are the main points to be included in a report?
聞き取り問題(Listening Comprehension)
Text read out by the tutor
Read the following text aloud. Then, answer your tutor’s question.
You’re about to leave work. Your boss requested you to send a detailed report on the progress of your team project which he had initially asked a week ago. You informed him that it would take a few more days to finalize the report. However, he insisted an offhand general report instead.
How do you deal with the situation?