3 Business Phone – Making inquiries

便利な表現(Useful Expressions)
Read aloud the vocabulary words.
legality (n.)
consultation (n.)
third-party (n.)
audit (n.)
renewal (n.)
便利な表現(Useful Expressions)
Read aloud and complete the sentences.
1. The ________ of contract was postponed due to certain revisions in the payment clause.
2. Legal __________ fee depends on the consultation hours and the number of court appearances.
3. A recent _______ reveals that there are missing funds worth 15 million dollars, which is supposedly for office renovations.
4. The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare needs to verify the ________ of the new policy on the working hours of employees.
5. Constant communication is important in establishing strong relationships with ________ clients.
Read the whole dialogue with your tutor.
Fill in the blanks with the words you just learned.
Tutor: Hello, this is Mr. Gibson of Sunshine, Inc. I’m calling to inform you that we’ll be pursuing the (1) of our contract with you.
Student: That’s great news, Mr. Gibson! We’re glad to let you know that we’ll be giving you a 30% discount on your legal (2) ____________ fee since you’re renewing with us.
Tutor: Thank you. My boss will be delighted to hear that!
Student: By the way, our (3) who’s known for never missing an (4) deadline would like to send you a proposal. Where can they send it?
Tutor: Oh, I see. They may email us the proposal at hresource@sunshine.com.
Student: Alright, thanks! May I know when you can send us the hard copy of the contract?
Tutor: We’ll send it by the end of next week. Kindly look into the clause that we’d like you to change in the contract.
Student: Sure, Mr. Gibson. We’ll check its (5) first before revising. Oh, please notify us via email once you’ve sent us the copies.
Tutor: Definitely. Have a great day, and thanks for taking the call.
Student: Anytime, Sir. Goodbye.
聞き取り問題(Listening Comprehension)
Listen to your tutor as he/she reads a passage twice.
Then, answer your tutor’s question.
According to the passage, how do you get the response you need when making an inquiry?
聞き取り問題(Listening Comprehension)
Text read out by the tutor
Read the following text aloud. Then, answer your tutor’s question.
You’ve received the smartphone you ordered online. It has dents on its sides and scratches on the screen. You returned it to the store by a delivery service. The store informed you via email that you should be receiving the new item that they’ll be sending in 3 working days. After two weeks, you still haven’t received the item. You want to talk to the manager directly to make an inquiry about your smartphone.
How do you deal with the situation?