8 Presentation – Setting an action plan

Words and Phrases
Study the following words and expressions together with their definitions with your tutor.
Then, construct your own sentences using each word/expression on the list.
build up
the act of increasing
Sample Sentence:
bottom up
to reach the lowest point
Sample Sentence:
contingency plan
a backup plan
Sample Sentence:
ballpark figure
an estimate
Sample Sentence:
website traffic
the amount of data sent and received by a website
Sample Sentence:
Data Interpretation
Listen to your tutor as he/she reads the text.
Study and interpret the given data. Then, discuss with your tutor.
You are a public relations officer at a travel agency. Your company would like you to present the website traffic for the month of January.
• introduce the general idea
• enumerate main points
• make a conclusion
Read the passage below silently. Then, discuss with your tutor.
In your discussion, talk about how you would deal with the situation.
Read the passage below silently.
(For the decline of website traffic as shown in the graph in Activity 2.) During your presentation of the graph, your supervisor wants you to propose an impromptu action plan to increase the website traffic. How would you design your action plan with social media as your main tool?
Sample Answer
Expressing Opinions
Read the text silently. Express your opinion on each statement in 4-5 sentences.
In setting an action plan, it’s important to have a contingency plan.
In the planning phase, a ballpark figure is acceptable.
Employees must be able to give spontaneous action plans.