9 Business Phone – Providing customer support

便利な表現(Useful Expressions)
Read aloud the vocabulary words.
supply (v.)
outstanding (adj.)
peruse (v.)
verification (n.)
transaction (n.)
便利な表現(Useful Expressions)
Read aloud and complete the sentences.
1. There is a balance of $150,000 _________ on the company’s account.
2. Please ________ the offered solutions which were sent to your email by the customer representative.
3. Pepper Unlimited will ________ furnitures to this building.
4. Credit card companies are able to lower fees for major __________ because there are no delinquent payers.
5. There was a long __________ process before the shipment was delivered.
Read the whole dialogue with your tutor.
Fill in the blanks with the words you just learned.
Student: (A customer is calling about her account balance. Profile: Male, 25, Kita- ku Tokyo, Japan) Ex-stream International Services, I’m Aki. How may I help you?
Tutor: I’d like to know my account’s (1) ________ balance.
Student: I’ll be glad to help you. May I get your bank account number and account name?
Tutor: Sure. It’s Daisuke Ishii, and my account number is 5421-2748-8900-811.
Student: Thanks. Allow me to (2) ________ it for a while. Also, please (3) ________ the last three numbers found at the back of your card.
Tutor: It’s 542. How long will it take if I transfer it to my other bank account?
Student: Based on your records, you still have 322,640 yen. If we do the (4) ________ over the phone or online, our team will contact you for (5) ________ prior to the money transfer. The whole process usually takes about 2-3 days.
Tutor: Oh, I see. Alright.
Student: Is there anything else I could assist you with?
Tutor: I think that’s all. Thank you, Aki-san! Goodbye.
聞き取り問題(Listening Comprehension)
Listen to your tutor as he/she reads a passage twice.
Then, answer your tutor’s question.
According to the passage, what do customer service representatives do?
聞き取り問題(Listening Comprehension)
Text read out by the tutor
Read the following text aloud. Then, answer your tutor’s question.
When I shopped at your store yesterday at around 2 PM, I received extremely poor customer service. I asked one of your staff to help me get a large box of cereals from the top shelf as it was too high for me to reach. The staff named “Shone”, however, rolled his eyes at me. He wasn’t even pleased to assist me. He said he would be back with a ladder. I waited for 10 minutes, but he didn’t come back. I hope to hear from you about this incident soon.
How do you deal with the situation?