9 Presentation – Communicating Outcomes

Words and Phrases
Study the following words and expressions together with their definitions with your tutor.
Then, construct your own sentences using each word/expression on the list.
to have the reverse of the desired expected effect
Sample Sentence:
a setting or an occasion for exhibing something or someone in an attractive or favorable manner.
Sample Sentence:
move a needle
a noticeable difference in something.
Sample Sentence:
turn out
to produce
Sample Sentence:
mount up
to increase
Sample Sentence:
Data Interpretation
Listen to your tutor as he/she reads the text.
Study and interpret the given data. Then, discuss with your tutor.
A meeting was called by the company’s operations manager. He asked you to present the revenues and expenses over the course of 3 months. As a start-up publishing house, you are experimenting on which paper you’d use for your magazines to give satisfaction to your readers, as well as to gain profit for the company.
• introduce the general idea
• enumerate main points
• make a conclusion
Read the passage below silently. Then, discuss with your tutor.
In your discussion, talk about how you would deal with the situation.
Read the passage below silently.
The operations manager became interested in your report that he requested you to elaborate on the potential result if woodfree paper would still be the material used for printing your magazines. Woodfree paper had been the recommended paper type to be used on your publication and you need to convince the operations manager that you could still have a better quality of publications with a lower expense on paper. Cite ways on how you would go about communicating the possible outcomes of your proposal.
Sample Answer
Expressing Opinions
Read the text silently. Express your opinion on each statement in 4-5 sentences.
It is always better to save more than to spend more.
Sometimes, one that has started in a good way could end in a bad way.
Communication between departments and its people in a company is very important.