Business (Upper Intermediate)|ビジネス会話(中上級)
Business Interview 6: 面接 6


First, we will check the points in this lesson. Please repeat after me.

1. When explaining why you are applying for a certain job, stay focused on the positive aspects and avoid criticizing your former employers. Also, do not discuss salary or vacation; save those topics for the second round of interviews.
2. When discussing what you can offer the company, provide concrete examples of positive contributions you made at your current job.
3. When describing your understanding of the position for which you are applying, confidently explain that you possess the skills and qualifications to do the job well.


We will read aloud the dialogue below. Once we are done, we will switch roles and read aloud the dialogue again. I will check your pronunciation and intonation.
(Please send the mispronounced words and expressions to your student.)

A: Keiko, can you tell me why you applied for this position?
B: Yes. Firstly, I feel this job matches my skill set perfectly. Not only would I offer your company a fresh outlook, but working here would allow me to reach my full potential as a professional. Secondly, I would prove myself as a committed company employee.

A: Okay. And how do you think your experience at your current job helped prepare you for the work you’d be doing here?
B: In my current position, I had a lot of opportunity to grow, and I mastered the art of working harmoniously with others. I learned how to cultivate strong inter-personal relationships. I am confident that I can offer what you are looking for.
A: Great. Now I’d like to ask you about how you see this role, this sales position. We have many sales associates, so how would you stand out from the others?
B: Well, in addition to working well with the team, I believe it is important for the sales associate to continually and proactively seek out new leads, bring in fresh ideas, and follow through on these ideas. You can’t just sit around waiting for things to happen; you create your own opportunities. So basically, I see this as a key liaison role: I will be connecting the company with future clients, thereby increasing sales.

Now, let’s review some words and expressions from part B_2.
(Please review the mispronounced words and expressions from part B_2.)



Now, please answer the following questions. I will check if your sentences are complete and if the grammar is correct.


1. How do you convince a potential employer that you are the right person for the job?
2. To convince an interviewer, how do you prepare for moments when you must speak with confidence?


Now, let’s review your answers.
(Please review your student’s answers by sending the correct answers in complete sentences. After that, ask your student to read aloud his or her corrected answers.)



Let’s do a role play with the given situations.


Situation: You are in an interview for a new job position. Elaborate on you are the right person for the job.

(Your tutor will pretend to be interviewer.)
Expressions: – Well, in addition to…
– I am confident that…