Business (Upper Intermediate)|ビジネス会話(中上級)
Business Interview 7: 面接 7


First, we will check the points in this lesson. Please repeat after me.

1. If you are asked to explain what you know about the company, you should only talk about the positive aspects, such as its growth in the market share, its innovativeness, and its cutting-edge technology.
2. When comparing the company with its competitors, you should be prepared to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the company.
3. If you are asked to share something negative you have heard about the company, a safe answer would be to mention how hard it is to get a job at the firm.

We will read aloud the dialogue below. Once we are done, we will switch roles and read aloud the dialogue again. I will check your pronunciation and intonation.
(Please send the mispronounced words and expressions to your student.)

A: Okay Keiko, you’ve certainly proven you understand this position quite well. Now can you tell me what you know about us and our industry, and how you see your role in all of this?
B: I’d be glad to. There are numerous unexplored markets, and I know you are trying to make inroads into these markets. I would be an enthusiastic pioneer for the company, excited to be a member of your team, helping to develop the new markets by utilizing my skills.
A: So you seem to have a solid understanding of the market. But what do you know about our competitors?
B: The major competitors are AtTech, GreenBelt, and The Shield Corporation. While these are established companies with a longer operating history–and they also enjoy greater name recognition–your company is currently experiencing tremendous growth. I’d love to be a part of that.
A: I’m glad to hear that. You seem to have a lot of good things to say about us. Have you heard anything negative about our firm in the press?
B: Yes. To be honest, I heard your company has a reputation for being very hard to get into, but that just means you have high standards.


Now, let’s review some words and expressions from part B_2.
(Please review the mispronounced words and expressions from part B_2.)



Now, please answer the following questions. I will check if your sentences are complete and if the grammar is correct.


1. Most professionals know what questions to expect at job interviews, so how do you prepare to give yourself an advantage over other job candidates?
2. Why do you think it is important to talk about your knowledge of the company’s competitors?
3. Have ever you researched the industry and market before the interview?

Now, let’s review your answers.
(Please review your student’s answers by sending the correct answers in complete sentences. After that, ask your student to read aloud his or her corrected answers.)



Let’s do a role play with the given situations.


Situation: You are in a job interview. You will act out an interview scene where you are the job seeker and you must say something negative about the company that you are applying for.

(Your tutor will pretend to be the interviewer.)
Expressions: – To be honest, I heard…
– but that just means…