Let’s do a free talk. I will choose topics from below.
(Please choose topics from below based on the student’s level.)


1. Please tell me something about Japanese culture.
(examples, seasons, history, your experiences)
2. Please tell me something about your school.
(where your school is located, the number of students, classrooms your school has, events)
3. Please tell me about your favorite school events.
(events, reasons, when they are held, activities you do during the events)
4. Please tell me about your dream.
(dream, reasons, what you need to do to reach your dream, by when you want to achieve that)
5. Please tell me about celebrities in Japan.
(celebrities, what they are known for, reasons why they are popular, how you know them)
6. What countries do you want to visit? Please tell me what you want to do there.
7. What school club are you a part of? Please tell me why you joined that school club.
8. What is the most popular sport in Japan? Please tell me the reason why it is popular.
9. Please introduce some trends in Japan. Please compare them to the trends in the Philippines.
10. Talk about various sightseeing spots around the world. Please tell me about those you want to visit.
11. Do you want to live in Japan forever?
12. Do you think money can make people happy? What makes you happy?
13. What is important for you when you communicate with people?
14. Do you think teenagers should join the elections?
15. Do you think having a good education is necessary to succeed in life?