Let’s do a free talk. I will choose topics from below.
(Please choose topics from below based on the student’s level.)


1. Please tell me about the things you usually do on weekends.
(activities, who you usually do those with, reasons why you like them, how many hours a day you usually do them)
2. Please tell me about your favorite movies.
(movies, summaries of the story, name of the actors/actresses in the movie, reasons why you like them)
3. Please tell me about your favorite experiences when you were a child.
(experiences, how old you were at that time, reasons why they are your favorite, whether you want to experience them again or not)
4. Please tell me about a popular holiday in Japan.
(holiday, reasons why it is popular, when it is celebrated, activities during the holiday)
5. Please tell me about sightseeing spots in Japan.
(sightseeing spots, where they are located, activities you can do there, your favorite sightseeing spot)
6. Each country has its own culture. Let’s talk about the culture in your country and in the Philippines.
7. Japanese food is becoming more and more popular around the world. Please recommend your favorite Japanese food to me.
8. Some people say that it is important to exercise every day. Let’s talk about the different ways to exercise.
9. Some tourists like to travel to the local area. While others like to visit popular sightseeing spots. Please tell me your experiences of traveling to a local area and a popular sightseeing spot.
10. There are four seasons that people experience in Japan. What do you enjoy doing in each season in Japan? Please talk about one or two activities for each season.
11. Many people say that it is important to have a dream. Do you agree with that?
12. Some people say that they wish they could go back to the past and start over. What do you think about that?
13. Some people say that time is the most important thing in life. Do you agree with that?
14. Some people believe that everyone should be required to learn at least one foreign language. Do you agree with that?
15. It is said that listening to others is more important than expressing your opinions. Do you agree with that?