Beginner Conversation: Food and Dining


Let’s read the dialogue. I will be Sam and you will be Alice. After reading it once, we’ll switch roles.


I cannot find anything to eat here at home. I am hungry. How about you, Alice?
I am hungry, too. Our parents won’t be home soon, so I guess we just have to wait for them.

Well, I was thinking of ordering food online. I want to order pizza and spaghetti. What do you say?
I have a better idea. Let’s bake pizza and cook spaghetti. Is that okay with you?

Wow! Of course, it is okay with me as long as I bake the pizza while you cook spaghetti.
Okay, Sam. Just make sure your pizza will taste good.


Let’s talk. Please answer my questions. You may ask me questions, too.


1. What do you think are three best food in your country?
Answer: ________________
2. Do you like to eat at restaurants or do you prefer to eat at home?
Answer: ________________
3. Have you ever worked in a restaurant? If not, would you like to if given the chance?
Answer: ________________
4. Do you know how to cook? Would you like to learn how to cook?
Answer: ________________
5. What do you think is the worst food you’ve ever eaten?
Answer: ________________
6. What do you think about spicy food?
Answer: ________________
7. Do you like meat better than vegetables?
Answer: ________________
8. Name three food from other countries that you like.
Answer: ________________
9. How often do you eat healthy foods?
Answer: ________________
10. Are there any food that you don’t like to eat?
Answer: ________________