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Quiarah Jeneca Cartojano 先生のプロフィール

Quiarah Jeneca Cartojano 先生
  • 出身国:フィリピン
  • 居住国:フィリピン
講師名Quiarah Jeneca Cartojano 先生
対応言語Standard English
レッスン発音(Pronunciation), 文法(Grammar), 資格(Qualification), 観光(Sightseeing), フリートーク(Free Talk), 子供向け(Kids), 語彙(Vocabulary)
自己紹介Hi! I am Tutor Quiarah from weblio eikaiwa!

Teaching will always be my passion, every child deserves to be nurtured, inspired and experience memorable and fun learning.

I am a dedicated person with my work, family and friends. I enjoy reading and singing, and the knowledge and perspective that my reading gives me has strengthened my teaching skills and presentation abilities. I have been successful at my goals in life, and I attribute this success to my ability to plan, schedule, and handle many different tasks at once. The flexibility I had will help me in the classroom where there are many different personalities and learning styles.
経歴・資格I graduated Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Biological Science last 2018.

I've been teaching for 3 years until present.

I experienced teaching in different level of learners.

I am currently studying my masters degree in education management for my professional growth.

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