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Eiken Pre 1_6


Please look at the comics below and narrate the story.
This is a story about a man who was looking for a book.
You have 1 minute to prepare.


(1 minute to prepare)


You have 2 minutes to narrate the story.
Describe each picture in 3 sentences.
Your story should begin with the sentence below:

One day, a man was at a bookstore.


eiken-pre-1-6--looking-for-a-book--highres (1)


Please look at the fourth picture.
If you were the library staff, what would you be thinking?



Now, I will ask you another question. Please give 2 reasons to support your answer.
Should there be more public libraries in Japan?



Now, I will ask you another question. Please give 2 reasons to support your answer.
Do you think the government should increase the budget of the education sector?



Now, I will ask you another question. Please give 2 reasons to support your answer.
Do you think it is a company’s responsibilty to sponsor charity events?


Intermediate Business: Making and Accepting Suggestions


Let’s practice some expressions. Please read them aloud.

When making suggestions,:

  1. I would suggest increasing the production rate.
  2. My suggestion would be to hire a new employee for this position.
  3. How about cooperating with the finance department for this task?
  4. Why don’t we monitor the daily success rate?

When accepting suggestions,:

  1. That’s a good idea.
  2. We could try that.
  3. I think that’s worth trying.

Let’s read the dialogue. I will be Ms. Robins and you will be Mr. Evans. After reading it once, we’ll switch roles.


Ms. Robins and Mr. Evans are having a meeting on how to increase the customer satisfaction rate of their company.

Good morning, Mr. Evans. The reason why I called for a meeting today is to ask your point of view about our recent customer satisfaction rate. But first, thank you for your effort in making time for this meeting.
No worries, Ms. Robins. It is my pleasure. Anyway, what concerns do we have for the recent customer satisfaction rate?

Based on the recent data, although the customer satisfaction rate isn’t below the target level, it has been decreasing gradually. What do you think is the reason behind that and what can we possibly do about it?
I have noticed the gradual decrease as well. Yesterday, I checked the data and thought about something. I suggest putting up a promotional activity that could give rewards to customers so that we could encourage them to use our products more.

Let’s see. I guess that’s not a bad idea. That could be worth trying. I appreciate your effort in putting up this idea. Perhaps we should do a short research about that to check if it will work. How about having a meeting with the entire team to gather their opinions about it?
That’s a great idea. Let me check the team members’ individual schedules so we can set a discussion. Thank you, Ms. Robins. I shall update you within the day.

Please answer the questions based on the dialogue.

1. Why did Ms. Robins call for a meeting with Mr. Evans?
Answer: ________________
2. What is Mr. Evans’ suggestion based on the data that he checked?
Answer: ________________

Choose the correct meaning of the underlined word in each sentence.

  1. b. aim; something that you intend to achieve
  2. a. the speed at which something happens
  3. a. on time; as planned


  1. The employees’ goal is to go beyond the company’s monthly sales target.
    1. decrease on sales
    2. aim; something that you intend to achieve
    3. something that is not important
  2. Due to their increasing success rate since last year, the team received an award of excellence.
    1. the speed at which something happens
    2. information about an event
    3. how often something doesn’t happen
  3. All of the projects were completed on schedule.
    1. on time; as planned
    2. a late notice
    3. a day to relax

Let’s talk. Please answer my questions.

1. When was the last time you gave a suggestion? What was your suggestion?
Answer: ________________
2. Do you think making or asking for suggestions is necessary in team meetings? Why or why not?
Answer: ________________
3. When was the last time you were given a suggestion? What was his/her suggestion?
Answer: ________________

Please tell me what you will do given the following situations.

1. You were in a team meeting and the topic is about daily cost reduction. You wanted to suggest having weekly team meetings instead of having them daily. How would you say your suggestion?
Answer: ________________
2. Your manager asked you and your teammates for recommendations on how to improve the quality of training new employees. You wanted to recommend senior employees to train the new ones. How would you say your recommendation?
Answer: ________________
3. You are the boss of your company and one of your employee’s suggestion fits your company’s target goal for this year. How would you tell your employee that you are accepting his/her suggestion?
Answer: ________________